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Why Invest is Industry Standard Sales Training?

Why Invest is Industry Standard Sales Training?

There are number of reasons why prudent organisations must invest in Industry Standard Sales training.

By not investment in adequate sales training, businesses are:-

    • Losing revenue
    • Not positioning their brand correctly
    • Being frustrated (due to losing deals even worse losing to a competitor)

Below are some of the reasons, why you must invest in professional sales training

      1. Rapidly Increases your SALES FIGURES.
      2. Significant Increase in efficiency.
      3. Boost your CONFIDENCE.
      4. Spike in PRODUCTIVITY.
      5. Inspiration is more powerful than MOTIVATION.
      6. Helps RETAIN quality staff.
      7. Sales folk are more likely to be motivated by MONEY than by vision.
      8. Nobody likes to be micromanaged.
      9. People can’t be motivated to be motivated.
      10. Increase your SKILL SET.
      11. Provides COMPETITIVE advantage.
      12. Soars MOTIVATION.
      13. Builds team STRENGHT.
      14. Aligns company and employee GOALS.
      15. Maintains PROFESSIONALISM. provides sales training specific to your company they either take place at your offices or at a suitable venue to accommodate the training. This training is entirely for your organisation and your sales troops.

Our Bespoke Sales Training program starts from £2,000 per person with a minimum of five people in the group so totaling at £10,000 for one group.

This program is spread over two full days, so early start and late finish.

Who is this Sales Training for?

This Elite Sales Training Program is designed for:-

Business Owners, Managers, Sales and Marketing professionals, CEOS, Managing Directors, VPs, Account Managers, Recruitment and HR Personnel and many, many more job functions.

Virtually anyone who works in the sales capacity.

We hear questions like these all the time : –

      • I’m not making enough sales, Why?
      • What can I do to win MORE SALES?
      • How can I WIN more sales?

Elite Sales Training
Miah’s 5 Steps

What does the Training Teach You?

By the end of the training you will be able to deliver a solid sales pitch and also learn the following

      1. Introduce your company
      2. Questioning Techniques – top sales people use to win sales
      3. Presentation / Recommendation – how to present your solutions elegantly
      4. Close the sale
      5. Consolidation

Bonus sessions

      1. Objection handling
      2. Getting Referrals

The above aforementioned are interactive practical sessions, where every trainee is taught how to devise an winning antecedent, winning seaways in addition to developing killer linguistic encounters to take control of the prospect through every step of the sales process.

Then every group member is given the opportunity to practice each part of the sales structure and score 100% pass marks before continuing on the next segment of the training program.

Shahin Miah, Founder and CEO of has a winning methodology to help you generate more sales as an individual or a business.

The clients we work with have seen an increase in their sales anything from 30%-300%

We help businesses win more sales, by teaching them easy to learn techniques and put it to practice, a lot of business people and sales people complicate the sales process and as a result don’t really win that piece of business from a particular client they have been dreaming about which not only causes great frustration and loss of prospect this fundamentality effects your bottom line. The great news is this, there is a solution, we teach you how to avoid the silly mistakes and win that order you have been dreaming about.

We help you identify who is the decision maker in the buying process, a lot of times sales or business people are not identifying who the decision maker is or they are pitching to the wrong person. This as a result is a waste of your time and not only that but this costs you money also. We teach you how the identify who the correct decision maker is and how to go about pitching and presenting to the right party/parties for you to save time and increase your bottom line. We help sales people and business people to explore more than once challenge your prospective client is facing, a lot of sales people don’t do that, they tend to identify one challenge or even no challenges and try to offer a solution to early, where the prospective client is not ready to buy because the need/needs has not been identified, so the client thinks of you as a pushy sales person and politely tells you he is busy, can’t make a decision or he needs to speak with someone else, what he is telling you is that you haven’t listened to his problems and you are trying to provide a solution too early.

This is a waste of your time and your prospective client’s waste of time; this is costing you money and is creating a bad perception of you to the client’s mind.

We teach you how to explore all the client’s problems and challenges by engaging the client in an intelligent conversation and then providing a perfect solution to the client and that solution may be more than one product or service, why is this better, this enables you to sell more at a higher price also helps you to solve more than one problem, this means more money for you also the client thinks of you as a very professional person because you understood his needs and offered an overall solution. We teach you how to be successful at that.

In business if you are not making money that means you are losing money, the implications of such catastrophe is many business or sales reps are folding up as a result. Our open courses are a cost effective way for you to learn how to maximize your income by applying the materials we teach you and our proven methodology is renowned for delivering results right away. We can also offer tailor made sales courses specifically for your organization, please contact us with your requirements. has a winning sales methodology.

Shahin was worked work some of the world’s biggest conglomerates in addition to fast tracking startup companies, he is highly dynamic in his sales approach, his methodology has been implemented in many organisations benefiting from great sales results.