President Club Partnership

Get a lot of free cash or be number one
on Google, the choice is yours.


  • £30,000 worth of online marketing for free per year*

  • Includes Web Design / Improving Existing Website & SEO to make you number 1 on Google

  • Help your clients look good and be found by consumers – something they will appreciate

  • President Club partner program gives you a substantial passive income by you introducing clients to us and we do all the hard work

  • Win the holiday of a lifetime by being on the president club winners circle winners circle

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As cited by Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Strategic alliances and joint marketing efforts have huge benefits any business owner can imagine.

It is with great pleasure I invite you to this auspicious President Club Partnership program for you to make quantum leap difference in your business in 2016, this is it, make this year count.

I have carefully put together two pragmatic options, continue reading below it’s game time and you will see two great options select one that matches your needs.

What’s In It For You?Read the two options below and choose one.

Option OneCredits Only Option

You accrue one point per prospective client you refer per £10,000 he/she spends with us per annum. Our clients typically spend around £20 – £30K per annum on average so on average you can be earning two to three points per client you refer. So if you refer two or three clients per month typically you can be earning ten points per month on average, around 120 points per annum. Each point you earn can be exchanged for £1,000 worth of credits that you can use to buy services from us. You will need a minimum of six credits before they can be exchanged for services. By being a ‘president club partner’ we will give you three points upon signing to get you kick started.

Option OneCash Only Option

You accrue 10% commission flat rate per paying client you refer; our clients typically spend around £20 – £30K per annum on average so on average you can be earning two to three thousand pounds per per client you refer. So if you can refer three clients to us per month typically you will have a passive income of around £10,000 per month or around £120,000 per year, simply by referring clients and we will do all the hard work, not bad for passive income right?

Added Benefits Here’s what all Presidents Get

  • Guaranteed first page result for a chosen keyword or phrase
  • £30,000 worth of free marketing (SEO/PPC/Web Design/Branding) once you recommend 10 new paying clients – which means you may need to spend a penny on marketing again
  • Free SEO & Web Development consultation worth £1,500 which means some one listens to your needs and understands your goals and you get honest feedback and advice
  • Free initial website and seo strategy meeting, where you get a comprehensive report worth £1,500 which means together we set goals and you get a snapshot of the current siutuion and action plan on paper
  • Giving you complete web presence ensuring you look great when consumers find you
  • Monthly training sessions to keep you up to date
  • Receive free assets such as videos, ebooks and other learning materials which are exclusively available for President Club members only
  • Monthly networking meeting with other members of the president club partners
  • Real time competitive analysis for you and your clients
  • Real time ranking report for you and your clients
  • Lead generation – we help you get fresh leads for your business from the web
  • Dedicated individual account manager – for you and your clients
  • Dedicated on boarding agent – for you and your clients
  • Monthly review/strategy call for you and your clients
  • Quarterly service excellence visit for you and your client
  • Free call tracking and call tracking number for you and your clients

The Icing on the cake and cherry on top‘President Club Winners Circle’

Each year the top two referrers will join the ‘President Club Winners Circle’ 2016 Winners Circle Dubai – this is what it looks like, are you in?

4 Nights

  • Cruising the Arabian sea in
    a luxury yacht

  • Sun bathing in
    Jumeriah Beach

  • Lunch / dinner / drinks
    at Burj Al Arab

  • Jet Skiing

Flights accommodation and the above expenses will be paid by

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